Low cost ultra mobile race quickens

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Low cost ultra mobile race quickens

Postby sk33t3r » Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:33 pm

http://www.digitimes.com/news/a20080407PD218.html wrote:Asustek Computer's second-generation Eee PCs will hit the market in Taiwan in the second half of April ahead of first-tier competitors' launches of their low-cost notebooks, according to sources in the retail channels.

Asustek's second-generation Eee PCs will also adopt Intel's older-generation dual-core ULV processors so that it can advance the launch to more than a month before Acer or Hewlett Packard (HP) ships their Intel Atom-based notebooks, the sources said.

Intel will ship its Atom processors, developed for low-cost portable devices, in May, and notebook vendors, such as Acer and HP, will not ship their low-cost models until June, the sources said.

Asustek is expected to adopt the Atom processors in later versions of its Eee PCs. It originally planned to ship its second-generation Eee PCs also in June, the sources noted.

Asustek originally scheduled to launch its second-generation Eee PCs in mid-April in Hong Kong, where 80,000 of its first-generation models have been sold, the sources said. But it has revamped the launch plan to debut the new model in Taipei in the second half of this month, the sources added.

Since its launch in October 2007, Eee PCs have shipped more than 1 million units, as of the end of March, and Asustek is optimistic that it will reach its goal of shipping 5 million units of the low-cost notebooks in 2008, the sources said.
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