20080406 FTSC member election, preliminary result

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20080406 FTSC member election, preliminary result

Postby wkitty42 » Mon Apr 07, 2008 11:34 pm

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Subject: FTSC member election, preliminary result
From: "Michiel van der Vlist -> All" <2:2/20>
Newsgroups: fido.ftsc_public

                         FTSC membership election
                         Preliminary results
                         By Michiel van der Vlist
                         FTSC administrator 2:2/20

Voting for FTSC memberships has come to end. The results are prelimi-
nary as there is a one week period for reporting inconsistencies and
filing complaints. If no vote is contested these results will become
final on Monday April 14, 2008

Sixteen RC's and two REC's have voted.

Vince Coen              (RC25)
Russel Tiedt            (RC71)
Joe Delahaye            (RC12)
Paul Quinn              (RC54)
Jeff Smith              (RC14)
Alex Barinov            (RC50)
Ward Dossche            (RC55)
Ross Cassel             (RC18)
Benny Pedersen          (RC23)
Sergey Lawrinenko       (REC46)
Johan Zwiekhorst        (RC28)
Michael Luko            (RC13)
Bob Seaborn             (RC17)
Werner Blatt            (RC24)
Ruedi Kneubuehler       (RC30)
Bj√∂rn Felten            (RC20)
Angel Ripoll            (RC34)
Alex Kocharin           (REC50)

There were nine candidates and the votes are as follows:

                                         Yes     No

Carol Shenkenberger     1:275/100       13       2
Alexey Vissarionov      2:5020/545      18
Michiel Broek           2:280/2802      15       1
Stas Degteff            2:5080/102      17       1
Dieter Ringhofer        2:2476/14       15
Nick Andre              1:229/426       15
mark lewis              1:3634/12       11       4
Fred Riccio             1:132/174       13
Vince Coen              2:250/1         12       2

All candidates collected more "yes" than "no" votes and therefore all
will be accepted into the FTSC unless something drastic happens during
the next week which allows opportunity to contest the votes.

Period for contesting the votes ends on Sunday April 13 2008, 23:59 UTC.
If no vote is contested, the new members will be installed on Monday April

Michiel van der Vlist
FTSC administrator

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