IDS - unable to run command

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IDS - unable to run command

Postby wkitty42 » Sat Apr 05, 2008 7:54 pm

There are several reasons why this problem might crop up... as of the writing of this message, they should be pretty well taken care of...

1) as noted in other SW3 IDS related messages with this same failure theme, the error message is not actually relaying the true "error" but is instead defaulting to just saying that the command failed to run... in fact, the process may actually be getting a message back from telling to wait some minutes before trying again...

2) downloading of the wrong update files... there was an error in the original ids.cgi script that downloaded the current update file (one named "current") instead of the proper one for the version of snort that is actually being used... the fix for this was to edit the ids.cgi file and change the occurrence of "CURRENT" to "2.6"... there were also one or two snort related mods that silently corrected this situation... this problem should be taken care of in SWE3's Update-2...

3) a third possibility is that you do not have enough memory in the box for snort to be able to run reliably. it is recommended that you have at least 128MB RAM in your box... 256MB is better... you may also need even more depending on the other services you run on your smoothwall...
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