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Modified SmoothWall FAQ

Postby wkitty42 » Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:44 pm

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions list. It will attempt to address common questions about Modified SmoothWall Support.

Each question has an answer that is a link to the post that answers that question. Hopefully this will decrease the number of repeat questions that fills these forums.

Q: What are mods? What is homebrew?
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Mods/hombrew are respectively add-ons built by SmoothWall users to automate or add functionality or even change it's looks and the hombrew is the space dedicated for interaction between 'modders', mods and newbies in general.

Q: Where do I find all the mods (modifications) for SmoothWall 3.0?
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You can start with the Summary of Mods 3.0 and as this is not a comprehensive list, (there are more mods then the ones listed here) you can go for a STF.

Q: Where do I find all the mods (modifications) for SmoothWall 2.0?
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You can start with the Summary of Mods 2.0 and as this is not a comprehensive list, (there are more mods then the ones listed here) you can go for a STF.

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Q: Are mods supported by the SmoothWall team?
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Q: Ok, so where do I post for help with problems with a mod(s)?
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Generally speaking, once you have modified your smoothwall with *ANY* mod, or made *ANY* changes to the core scripts or binaries, you are on your own. If you applied a mod from one of the HomeBrew forums linked above, and things didn't quite come out as expected, POST YOUR QUESTIONS IN THE MOD THREAD(S), do *NOT* START A NEW THREAD!!! And *DO NOT POST IN THE REGULAR SUPPORT FORUMS FOR ASSISTANCE!!!. This isn't to be annoying, it serves a purpose, or two. (1) Mod authors are volunteers and generally don't have time to troll every post on every forum here, and posting in the mod thread increases the chance that they will see your post, and increases the chances that other users of the same mod will see it, and can perhaps ante up with some help. (2) It keeps all the problems/questions/answers/solutions in one place more or less. As we all know, the STF is far from perfect, but it helps (Hint: Use logical, specific, search terms, use the "search for all terms" and select Display results as posts for optimal results.)

Q: Will applying official patch/fix X screw up/gank/knacker my modified SmoothWall?
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*PROBABLY* Read the latest posts, and perhaps the first post, in all threads of mods you are using to get a better idea of what to expect, and what to do about it.

Q: I have some mad skillz and want to contribute a mod myself. It craps diamonds, induces permagrin and permabone, and makes the sun shine out of your nether regions. How do I go about posting the mod?
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First, create your own thread in the appropriate HomeBrew forum (see links above) depending on the version of the project the mod is for. Second, Post CLEAR instructions on how to make the changes to the original sources, and/or how to download and run the installer. It is often impossible to be too CLEAR in your instructions. Remember this is an Open Source Project, so please contribute the source code to anything you do. This is also so that any changes can be vetted by other advanced users to ensure that the changes aren't an overt security risk. (Note, there is no obligation for advanced users or Team members to vet mod code.) If you post a mod, please be prepared to support it, for free. One of the major strengths of this project is its thriving mod community. If the mod author has a link to a mechanism for donation, and you find the mod useful, do the right thing, please.

Q: I made this uber mod, but where can I host the files?
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There is no official mechanism for hosting mods for SmoothWall. There is however, a project at SourceForge (SmoothieMods) that can host popular, well maintained, and supported mods. Your mod must pass the test of time before it can be hosted there, so in the meantime, be prepared to provide your own hosting services.

Q: Is there a SmoothWall mod template or coding standard?
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Sure is! Badass, cool, self-documenting, and efficient use of all resources! No, not really, (ok, yes really) *but* this mod (for 3.0) was created by the main author, and it is the way he thinks it should be done. You'll get along fine as soon as you realize that there are two ways of doing things: his way, or the highway. :wink: For 2.0, there are several mods you can download and take a peek at. Just select one that is closest to yours in scope of changes, and knock yourself out! (Remember, 2.0 is no longer being developed, so your efforts will likely have a longer life-cycle if you focus them on 3.0). We hope to post more detailed "how to" and template information to encourage adoption of this "standard" in the future. It will make inclusion in future versions easier, and thus more likely to happen :wink:

Q: How do I compile a mod?
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That question is waaaaaaaay tooooo broaddddd but comes up surprisingly frequently. The answer is: Google Is Your Friend since the specifics will depend on *EXACTLY* what you are trying to do. I advise newblers to check out the Development Arena for some basic tips and tricks. You should at least be able to compile the stock distribution on your own... before attempting to modify it...

Q: I'm a complete n00b, but I have a lot of ambition, curiosity, gumption, and three neurons, two of which are for life-support, how do I get started?
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READ. LEARN. EVOLVE. We were all there at one time, except for maybe aslak, I think he wrote Lisp while he was in the womb... One of the best ways to learn, well, anything IMO, is to imagine a project, then go about finding out how to get it done yourself. Don't expect too much in the way of hand-holding or spoon feeding around here. No one has time for that. If you need help, at least attempt to demonstrate that you have attempted to utilize all available resources to you to solve the problem yourself, and if you don't like an answer, don't keep crying for more. Ignorani (plural of Ignoranus) are not appreciated. Check out the last few sentences of the answer above, it is a good place to start. I would also advise that you start out with something small and not-so-complex. Divide and Conquer!

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Q: How do I get Quality of service (QoS) and Captive Portal working on SmoothWall 2.0?
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QoS and Control-a HowTo by 311Sam.


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