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SWE3 Support FAQs

Postby wkitty42 » Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:56 pm

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions list. It will attempt to address common questions about the SmoothWall Express 3.0 Support.

Each question has an answer that is a link to the post that answers that question. Hopefully this will decrease the number of repeat questions that fill the Smoothwall support forums.

Q: What are the current known issues for SmoothWall 3.0?
A: show
SmoothWall Express 3.0 known issues by s-t-p.

Q: I just installed SmoothWall 3.0 and I can't access the internet. Why?
Q: Such and such a service is broken.
Q: Port forwarding or web proxy or snort, etc etc is broken. Please help!
Q: Newbie needs help!
A: show
How to get FAST answers by tagno25.

A: show
SmoothInfo-generate diagnostic information about your SmoothWall by nanouk.

Q: Where does SmoothWall fit in my network?
A: show
Generic Networking Diagrams for SW Newbies by AwPhuch and The_Librarian.

Q: I want to install such and such mod on SmoothWall 3.0 How do I transfer the files to SmoothWall?
A: show
Editing/Transferring Files to SW from a Windows computer by alpha.

A: show
Editing/Transferring Files to SW from a Linux computer by The_Librarian.

Q: How do I connect my SmoothWall to two ISPs?
A: show
2 ISPs: A How To!!! by concordhs.

Q: Can I install SmoothWall on a second hard drive in my computer?
A: show
SWE3 only supports *ONE* HD and *ONE* optical drive. FINI by BoHiCa.

Q: How do I connect my PPPoE device to my SmoothWall?
A: show
How to connect any PPPoE device to SmoothWall by The_Librarian

Q: I can't get port forwarding to work on my SmoothWall. Please help!
A: show
Port forwarding issues? README by [XAP]Bob.

Q: Can't Log In As Admin to the Shell (command line)?
A: show
Log In to the Shell (command line) by concordhs.

Q: Why are my firewall logs filling up with spurious hits from my internal LAN?
A: show
Spurious firewall hits-cause found by aslak.

Q: Does SmoothWall 3.0 support multi-processors or RAM greater than 1 GB?
A: show
SMP Dual/Quad/Multi-CPU and maximum RAM support by BoHiCa.

Q: Does PPTP passthrough work with SmoothWall 3.0?
A: show
PPTP Passthrough to Internal PPTP VPN Server - [WORKS] by BoHiCa.

Q: How do I spoof or clone a MAC address?
A: show
How to spoof or clone a MAC address by BoHiCa.

Q: Why is SmoothWall using so much memory? It's at 98%!
A: show
Memory usage of 98% is NORMAL by [XAP]Bob.

Q: How should I connect my Windows Server 2003 (or any Windows machine) to SmoothWall?
A: show
Networking Windows computers to SmoothWall Green for newbies by alpha.

Q: I've run out of PCI slots on my SmoothWall computer, how do I install a USB Network Card?
A: show
[HOWTO] [3.0] USB Network Cards by Etherlord.

Q: I have just installed SmoothWall 3.0 and enabled remote access. I can't access the admin web ui by hostname but I can by IP address. What am I doing wrong?
A: show
Most likely when remote access was enabled the Allow admin access only from valid referral URLs box was also checked. This will not allow access remotely to SmoothWall using url's. This box should be unchecked.

Q: After installing SmoothWall when LILO loads I get a screen with
Code: Select all
L 99 99 99 99 99 99
repeated multiple times and SmoothWall won't boot. What does that mean?
A: show
This is a LILO error code. It most likely means your hard drive is not jumpered as primary master and/or not set to LBA in the BIOS.

Q: *whine* QoS doesn't have my speeds or game listed! *whine* How do I change it?
A: show
Start here: Modify QoS settings. You might want to read all QoS related posts by martin.

Q: Can I turn my sw3 into a WAP with a wireless NIC?
A: show
Yes, you can do anything you want. However, sw3 only has wireless NIC drivers available. There is absolutely NO wireless infrastructure, at all. There is absolutely NO WAP functionality nor management utilities available by default either. Why would you want to inflict this dain-bramage on yourself anyway?
  1. Consumer level wireless NICs usually use CHEESE for transceivers. If you buy a good one, you have spent as much, or more, than you would on a decent WAP.
  2. Wireless NIC support on Linux is crap.
  3. The usual sw3 is not deployed in an optimal area for wireless coverage. The WAP should be as central and elevated as is practical in the coverage area. The angry squirrels nest of cables and power cords behind the typical SW is hardly conducive to an EMI free-zone. You could perhaps overcome some of that with a high-gain antenna extension, which again, when combined with #1, means you have spent as much, and probably more on fitting that square peg into a round hole than you would if you just bought a decent WAP to begin with.
It just doesn't make sense. That all being said, there are dozens of how-to build a WAP using linux tutorials out there. Knock yourself out!

Q: Does SW3 (polar) support PCIe (PCI Express)?
A: show
Mostly. The kernel does *NOT* have CONFIG_PCIEPORTBUS set, so any PCIe devices that require the extra kernel encumbrance to work, will not work. This is a device driver related issue usually. The CONFIG_PCIEPORTBUS kernel option enables several of the advanced PCIe specific feature sets (e.g. Advanced Error Reporting, Native Hot-Plug, Power Management Event handling, and Virtual Channel).

Why isn't CONFIG_PCIEPORTBUS enabled by default? Because we don't have the hardware to test it, and often times enabling kernel level hardware support causes conflicts in other device support (e.g. ACPI(new, unstable) vs APM(old, stable)). SW3 is targeted at a very broad base of older hardware, thus the bright and shiny new bells and whistles (translation: unstable, untested) are not usually enabled unless we can test it to our satisfaction. Thus until we can test it, users that need this support are free to use the devel version and/or the source code to build their own kernels (see the Developers Arena for several how-tos). It *may* appear in a future update and perhaps in a remastered ISO, but that all depends on compatibility testing, which often takes a long, long time.

This is work in progress. We're looking for volunteers to help finish a more complete FAQ section. Ideas and contributions are welcome

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