Update 1 for Express 3.0 Polar has been released

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Update 1 for Express 3.0 Polar has been released

Postby wkitty42 » Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:44 pm

Update 1 for Express 3.0 Polar, on both i386 and x86_64 has been released Oct 9, 2007.

Included fixes and tweaks:
  • Fixed a typo on the external access page.
  • Fixed a problem with javascript validation of external IP on portforward page.
  • Improved compatability of the POP3 proxy by making it support the TOP command.
  • Updated miniupnpd to fix stability issues.
  • Fixed a minor problem with traffic stat rollover.
  • Register data now does not include lsmod to keep size of URL within acceptable limits.
  • Proxy log now includes the QUERY_STRING from the client.
  • Inconsequencial problem with squid rotation fixed. Squid was being used to rotate the logs, in addition to logrotate doing the same thing.
  • Fixed problem with squid log viewer not remembering ignore filter. Also made the filter case-insensitive.
  • smoothd has a logrotate entry now so smoothderror can't grow without bounds.
  • Fixes for compress option when rotating logs.
  • Outgoing, Incoming, and Internal filter pages now list the port numbers in the Application/Service drop down.
  • Tweaked behavior when updating snort rules. The Rule age is now based on the last time oinkmaster competed successfully, instead of the age of the licence file (which never changed). Also the snort/rules dir is (re)made in the scripts setup script, because it seems oinkmaster can sometimes fail without it.
  • Whitepsace in VPN connection names are removed when writing the config file to stop them breaking things.
  • Fixed problem with checking for dupes on the portforward page.
  • Empty hostnames should now be allowed in dyndns page.
  • Internal rules (pinholes) can now contain subnets on both source and destination, for people wanting to pinhole servers from all of PURPLE (for example)
  • ClamAV bump to 0.91.2.
  • Added error info the ifconfig report.
  • Upstream proxies configured on webproxy page should now work.
  • GREEN->GREEN forwards. WEEEE!
  • Fix for DHCP statics on GREEN and PURPLE coliding with each other.
  • More speed choices for QoS.

The update is approximately 11MB in size, due mostly to the inclusion of the Clam AV update.

To update your smoothies, navigate to maintenace->updates and click on the "Check for Updates" button. You should then see a brief description of the update. Installation of updates in Express 3.0 has been radically improved compared to previous SmoothWalls; to automatically download and install the update, simply click the "Update" button. The purple bar will show the download progress.

After the update has been downloaded and installed, please reboot your smoothies.
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