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Forum Software Installation

Postby wkitty42 » Fri Mar 26, 2004 8:02 pm

Image26 March 2004Image

Well, I guess its time for the six month update on what we've been doing here on the site. As you can easily tell, we have installed the phpbb Bulletin Board System (aka BBS) software. This software is kinda similar to our old DOS BBS stuff but is mainly directed at messages. That's ok as we've already an entire section of files and such ;)

The installation of this software now allows for two things (at least) to happen.

  1. The first thing that can happen is that we can just write a message in here any time we need to post an update without having to dig out the html editor, update the pages and upload them... Instead we can just pop right in and post and its done! That's so much easier than we had to do previously.
  2. The second thing that can now happen is that you, our visitors can more easily correspond with us. This should make feedback on the site much easier and we can also now have discussions and actually create more of a community around the site than we were able to do before.
Something else that we're working on is installing some picture gallery software with different exhibits inside. This will allow us to more easily keep our pictures together as well as create short articles about them. Some things, like the flood98 exhibit, have already been moved/copied in and we're working on quite a few others, too...

The one thing that we can't yet do is to toss mail to and from fidonet via this software... That might be an option later on but only time will tell...

If there's anything you'd like to comment on, please post us a message about it!
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