system updates: 25 Feb 2005

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system updates: 25 Feb 2005

Postby wkitty42 » Fri Feb 25, 2005 4:52 pm

we've been having some "fun" behind the scenes, recently... that "fun" being to work out a few problems and get them fixed as well as adding new features...
  1. updated forum software. numerous features and bugfixes but nothing really visible on the frontside.
  2. updated forum theme to handle new features in forum software. the new visual confirmation capability is now actually displayed when someone signs up.
  3. added new theme and set as system default. considering config change to allow members to choose which theme they prefer or possibly a poll to allow members to select which theme they prefer as the site default.
  4. fixed long standing problem with sending of email from the forum software. now outbound registration emails and notifications will actually make it past the smarthost's mailer.
  5. fixed the forum software to be more search engine spider friendly.
  6. added Multinode Scrabble door to telnet bbs side of the system.
  7. added Netrunner (cyberpunk style) door to telnet side of the system.
  8. moved the telnet bbs email domain back one step. now, all emails on the telnet/fidonet side of the system are carried in the domain.
  9. as part of the domain movement for the telnet/fidonet side of the system, we installed a new smtp email server which allows us much easier and simpler filtering and blocking of spam.
enjoy and let us know if there are any problems!!
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