system updates: 29 Mar 2007

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system updates: 29 Mar 2007

Postby wkitty42 » Thu Mar 29, 2007 9:49 pm

after several days of intermittent down time, the server has received several updates and upgrades... things appear to be running much smoother and we're not seeing problems like we had been seeing before the updates and upgrades were applied...

on another note, the disabling of guest posting (even with captcha) has definitely blocked the trash and fecal material we were getting before with garbage posts and fake users trying to gain backlinks in the search engines for their pr0n and drug spam... in fact, we've not seen any fake user attempts in quite a while... that's a GoodThingtm! :wink:

since the updates, we've also noted an increase in failed attempts at dictionary attacks on several of the servers... this, too, is a GoodThingtm... each attempt and failure leads to additional updates to the firewall and preventative measures which knock out more and more blocks of addresses originating in China, other parts of Asia, and ISPs that seem to harbor spammers and lowlife "wannabe a hacker" script kiddies... unbeknownst to the average user, there are a lot of blackhat and greyhat service providers that only care about the almighty $$$... too bad that greed has ruined so many things in this way...

keep on trying, guys! the more you try the easier it is to weed you out, knock down your servers and have the ISPs block and disable your accounts and botnets! should i even mention the additional helpful discoveries of all the infected zombies and proxies?? stupid is as stupid does and it is beautiful when you keep providing the firepower to take you down and eliminate you right along with the rest of the riffraff and garbage in the gene pool...
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